Rupture disc IKB® - manufactured by precision lasers for accurate pressure relief

The IKB® rupture disc was developed to provide reliable protection against excessive overpressure and vacuum in equipment such as pressure vessels, pipe systems, gas cylinders and reactors. It is suitable for applications with gas, steam and liquids1 as well as for isolating safety valves. IKB® permits a standard operating ratio of up to 95 %*.
The patented manufacturing process produces an instant,  full and fragmentation-free opening across the full width of the vent. High quality rupture disc produced without the need for mechanical scoring or knife constructions. This ensures exceptionally high resistance even under cyclic loads.

1 If there is a gas cushion upstream of the REMBE® rupture disc.

*Depending on the specific application

Rupture disc / bursting disc IKB
REMBE® reverse acting rupture disc IKB®

Your advantages

  • Maximum safety even at high pressures.
  • You can use safety valves manufactured from lower cost materials because they do not come into contact with the medium during normal operation.
  • In-situ tests reduce safety valve maintenance costs.


Rupture disc / bursting disc IKB with holder
IKB® with rupture disc holder for
maximum safety.
Installation is extremely simple,
torque-independent and requires
no special tools.
Technical data
Vent area
NPS [in] DN [mm] Vent area*** [cm2] Installation hight [mm]
¾'' 20 3.4 41
1'' 25 5.5 46
1 ½'' 40 13 46
2'' 50 22 53
3'' 80 50 60
4'' 100 80 68
6'' 150 180 80
Pressure range***
NPS [in] DN [mm] min. burst pressure[bar]  max. burst pressure [bar]
¾'' 20 8.0 100
1'' 25 3.5 100
1 ½'' 40 2.0 64
2'' 50 1.5 64
3'' 80 1.0 40
4'' 100 0.80 40
6'' 150 0.50 40
max. recommended temperature*
Stainless Steel +400 °C
Hastelloy** +400 °C
Nickel +400 °C
Inconel** +600 °C

*Temperature range for rupture discs with CE mark may vary.
** Company Names or trademarks combined with material descriptions are only used for description purposes. The product promoted is not product of the respective companies and trademarks.
*** Vent area compliant with PED certification, MNFA (ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1) may vary.

Different sizes, pressure classes, temperatures, materials and fittings available on request.


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